Sunday, December 26, 2010

Making children in hospitals smile

Smiling Hospital Foundation India is part of an international network of Smiling Hospital Foundations with members in China, Croatia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Slovakia and Slovenia.
We seek to work with children who are sick and in hospitals and miss being children. This means organising magic shows, story telling sessions and much more. Some pictures from one of our events at a cancer hospital in New Delhi.


  1. Shaweta I am really impressed and humbled with kind of humanitarian activities you and Anup are undertaking. I would like to talk to you both as I too am helping Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre- Leh in their Projects which include Medicare, Education, Home for the old and disabled and blind, Environment, Nunnery and Monestary. The organisation is serving poorest of the poor under privillaged children for education, medicare and higher studies. how can I call you.
    Rominder Pratap Singh
    Dy. Inspector General (Retd)
    Executive Chairman, MIMC

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