Friday, June 17, 2011

Smiling Hospital Foundation Of India

Is happiness only about buying a new dress, going to an exotic location, splurging on material things? Take a pause …..there’s more to life …..happiness also comes from the smiling faces of these lovely , not so blessed , sick children . Thank God for the little mercies and the opportunity to put a smile on their sad faces . Thanks to Smiling Hospital Foundation of India for the magic show put up at Safdurjung Hospital , Delhi on 11th June , 2011. ( Smiling Hospital Foundation of India) .

Friday, April 22, 2011

Magic made her smile!

Dear friends and supporters,

Earlier this month, your organisation- Smiling Hospital India, had a very pleasant and moving experience. It was during the activity at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi.

I was moved to the hilt. Ditto my fellow volunteers, as we went from bed to bed in the children's ward. Suffering was in the face.

With me was the team of magicians led by famous conjurer Raj Kumar and fellow volunteer Anup Kalra. As we moved through the wards it became clear, suffering or not, children are children. The faces of children like Karani and Rani (names changed) being treated in the hospital are still fresh with me.

As Magician Raj Kumar and his team showed tricks, there was giggles and laughters all around. Exactly something your organisation wants to do. Rani laughed the loudest.

I am attaching some pictures, hope you enjoy looking and would join us the next time.